Being A Travel PT Is Getting Easier


Healthcare providers across the US are constantly seeking new, nimble physical therapists to better address the needs of their facilities. While the number of PTs in the US is growing, antiquated state-by-state licensing models are bogging down the ability of professionals to move between states. The PT Compact aims to simplify the process of attaining additional state licensure by creating policies agreed upon by all member states, streamlining the application process.

Right now, the PT Compact map spans 15+ states (WA, OR, UT, AZ, NE, IA, CO, ND, TX, MO, LA, MS, TN, KY, NC, NH), with nearly half of all the states currently considering legislation (see the map). Early adopters to the compact license will have a distinct advantage when traveling to new states.

Want to understand more about the PT Compact map? Check out our webinar on the topic with guest T.J. Cantwell, PT Compact Commission Administrator at Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

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