At Triage, there’s always one question when a traveler goes to start a new job—what color scrubs do I need to wear? 

With thousands of facilities across the country, getting a database of scrub colors by facility seems like an impossible task.

Enter Triage travelers. We asked and oh man did Triage travelers deliver. Nearly 2000 travelers sent us their feedback, giving us an incredible reference database of scrub colors by facilities and even specialties. Want to know what we found out? Fill out the form and click the button below.

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Scrub Color by Facility Survey Results

Nearly a quarter of respondents said they don’t have any restrictions on scrubs as a traveler. Some hospitals around the country don’t care what color you wear, as long as you’re there to help them out.  

About 10% of folks are required to wear black or grey. A few unlucky folks had to wear white—we're glad we're not the ones who have to keep those things clean! 

But blue scrubs are overwhelmingly the color of choice for nearly all facilities. Whether navy, royal blue, Caribbean blue, true ceil or galaxy blue, half of our survey respondents said they wear some shade of blue every day. Seems like having a spare set of blue scrubs is a decent bet for all travelers. 

Rounding out the color choices are versions of green, red, pink and eggplant.  

We even asked about how strict the units were with their scrub colors. Some dress codes were strict, while others were just suggestions and the facility was cool if travelers wore other colors. We also asked how current the info was because we know that information can change in an instant. All this to say, we got your back when it comes to scrub colors. 

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Boring but obligatory disclaimer: This information is self-reported by travelers and can change at any time. If you notice that something is incorrect, send us an email to and we'll get it corrected.